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Maximum Marketing
Minimum Dollars
The Top 50 Ways to Grow Your Small Business

By Kim T. Gordon

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Want to Grow Your Business without Spending a Fortune?

Follow this step-by-step guide to the best, most affordable ways to take your business to the next level of success. Maximum Marketing, Minimum Dollars addresses every element of small business marketing. This in-depth book contains all the tactics you need to implement effective marketing plans - regardless of your budget. You'll find smart ideas and real-life business examples for everything from online marketing, PR, writing great letters, and winning referrals to saving money when using print, broadcast, outdoor, and mail campaigns. There are even little-known, but highly effective tactics such as cinema advertising and mat releases. And it closes with a great chapter that shows you how to put your entire marketing program together.

Look Inside Maximum Marketing, Minimum Dollars

Chapter 1 kicks off with step-by-step guidance on creating an effective website, from choosing the best domain name and designing your site to successful e-commerce (including the 10 factors that lead to solid online sales). Chapters 2 and 3 focus on online marketing tactics. You'll find step-by-step guidance on creating hard-working email marketing programs, earning high-rankings on search engines, and conducting affordable online advertising campaigns. They also guide you to the newest resources for building your own opt-in marketing lists and in-house databases.

You don't need a publicist to get your company's name in the paper, you just need to know how to handle your own PR. That's why Chapter 4 focuses on key aspects of public relations, from establishing a media relations program, organizing your own events, and the hottest new ways to build buzz, to harnessing a little "star power" to get attention. Next, Chapter 5 shows you how to use the latest out-of-home marketing vehicles, such as electronic billboards, and ways to save money by creating your own place-based marketing.

Sales letters and direct mail are the workhorses of small businesses. Getting them right without breaking the bank is the subject of Chapter 6, which demonstrates how marriage mail reduces direct mail costs and shows you how to create a dimensional mail campaign that gets past screeners. You'll also find extensive guidance on creating the perfect sales letter - without hiring a copywriter - including four sample letters.

Chapter 7 is all about relationship marketing. There's step-by-step help on setting up your own referral program and in-depth information on ways to motivate your customers with a rewards program. Competitive alliances and partnership marketing, which dramatically reduce costs for small-business owners, are comprehensively explained in Chapter 8.

Chapter 9 shows you how to find and make the most of unique niche markets. It focuses on high-return marketing tactics, including the use of ethnic media. Low-cost takes on traditional tactics - including the new affordability of cable TV (yes, TV!), radio and magazines - are the subject of Chapter 10, proving that many of today's smartest marketing tactics are now within reach of small businesses.

Did you know that a growing number of small-business owners are building sales to local audiences by taking their messages to the big screen with cinema advertising while spending significantly less than the cost of newspaper ads? This new media opportunity, along with experiential marketing (and another high-ROI tactic that's been a well-kept secret of the Fortune 100), are revealed in Chapter 11. To close, Chapter 12 rounds out this comprehensive book with a practical guide to creating your own marketing program using the 50 budget-wise tactics you've learned about.

As you can see, after reading Maximum Marketing, Minimum Dollars, you'll be ready to seamlessly implement a year-round marketing program for your own business that will increase sales - and won't break the bank.

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Praise for Maximum Marketing, Minimum Dollars: The Top 50 Ways to Grow Your Small Business

"You can't afford to miss this definitive marketing guide. It's step-by-step approach to a comprehensive range of marketing tactics, along with the success stories of entrepreneurs nationwide, make it easy to follow and enjoyable to read. If you're serious about growing your business and increasing sales, this book shows you how."

Rieva Lesonsky, Editorial Director, Entrepreneur

"Don't spend another dollar on marketing until you read Kim T. Gordon's latest book - Maximum Marketing, Minimum Dollars. Her practical, no-nonsense advice and case studies are sure to save you money and reduce stress."

Jane Applegate, consultant and author of 201 Great Ideas for Your Small Business and The Entrepreneur's Desk Reference

"A treasure trove of practical, logical, and - best of all - money-making ideas! Maximum Marketing, Minimum Dollars is aimed at small to medium businesses, but many marketing giants can profit from the wisdom Kim T. Gordon has packed into this book."

Herschell Gordon Lewis, acclaimed author of 30 books and marketing consultant

"This is the definitive guide to marketing for every business owner - whether starting or expanding a business. But what sets this book apart is that Kim T. Gordon gives you a guide for setting priorities and choosing the set of marketing tools that will be most effective for your business."

Sharon G. Hadary, Executive Director, Center for Women's Business Research

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